Can I digitally sign a W-9 and send it online?

It’s usually more convenient for most people to fill documents online without printing them. You don’t have to waste time on reprinting the blank in case of mistakes and there is no need to go to the post office or to deliver the form hand-to-hand on your own.

So, are W-9 digitally signed acceptable or you’ll have to print them? IRS states that it’s OK to use the web version, sign it and send it back via email. Let’s find out how to do that.

Where can you get the W-9 PDF

There are several ways to obtain a free W-9 form:

  1. Download it from our website. You’ll also get our help on completing the document.
  2. Go to Internal Revenues Service official site and find the latest fillable version.
  3. Get a digital copy from the mail attachment, provided by the requester.

Always make sure you are using the latest version of free blank, which is October 2018 for now.

How to sign a W-9 digitally correctly?

It’s not a complicated thing to place a signature in the Certification part. There are two main ways to e-sign the document. The first one is to use special software like Adobe Acrobat. There is a special option called “sign” in such programs, which allows you to put a digital signature where it has to be. The second way is to use special web services that assist you in completing the blank. Get help from our website and you’ll have no issues with signing it online.

I can’t digitally date the paper

This is a common problem with the blank’s web submission. Look through the spreadsheet below to find the best solution for you.

How to solve the issue Details
1. Use our website to fillingWe’ll help you with every step, including the one, when you have to place a current date in Certification part.
2. Do it in any PDF reader There are several steps required here. First, complete all the fillable lines. Then go to “print”, but save it all as PDF instead. At last, open it and add a field for date where it’s supposed to be.
3. Print and scan First fill all the lines possible. Then print the document, date it and scan the blank.

File the form to the requester using only secure web channels. It can be protected email or a trustworthy service for online delivery.