Do child care providers have to fill W-9?

Child care providers that get CCAP subsidies receive payments for their services. W-9 taxpayer identification form is used to control these payments and make sure all the taxes will be payed. The document collects all the essential info that goes than to the requester, but not to IRS.

w-9 form: childcare and taxes in US


Where to get the blank?

There are two main ways to obtain IRS W-9 form. The first one is to go to the official website and download the appropriate PDF there. The second one presumes the requester will provide you with the blank. Anyway, make sure you have the latest document version. Sometimes you can receive form substitutes that collect the same info, but they look a bit different.


How to complete the document?

The process is not complicated. It includes the following steps:

  1. Open the document and check whether it is the latest version with all the required fields.
  2. Enter your name and your business name correctly.
  3. Check the box in the section 3 to choose business entity.
  4. Use exemption and FATCA codes in part 4, if necessary;
  5. Give your full address, ZIP code, city and state;
  6. Enter your TIN (it’s whether EIN or SSN);
  7. Place a signature in the appropriate place.

Check whether all the info is accurate. You can compare it with your income tax return to be 100% sure. Also, check whether you’re exempt from backup withholding.


How to send a completed blank?

Now you know how W-9 tax form is used for collecting child care providers’ data and how to complete it. You could even sign it online. The next step is to file it to the requester. Use only secure methods to do that. Protected email, hand-to-hand delivery and trusted post services fall best under this definition.