Download a free W-9 form to print

Independent contractors fill W-9 to report income they’ve received during the year. The document itself doesn’t provide any information about payments. Instead, it asks for crucial data like TIN that is used to issue one of 1099 tax forms.

Where can I find a W-9 tax form for 2020?

You can get a free W-9 form to print:

  • on our website;
  • in the request letter attachment;
  • on IRS official website.

Note that we offer you not only printable, but also editable W-9 2020. It means you can complete it digitally on our website and certify the paper with electronic signature.

What are the deadlines?

You have to deliver a completed blank before the requester will be obliged to issue the appropriate 1099 document. In most case it’s January the 31st. If you fail to deliver a correct Taxpayer Identification Number, you’ll be a subject to $50 fee. Make sure you deliver it in tame. In case 1099 is filed to IRS electronically, you have time till the 31st of March.