Learn about W-9 PDF validity and fill the form online with e-signature

Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification is an official document, that was developed by IRS to control taxation of self-employed individuals and contractors that provide services. It doesn’t include any payment information, but it collects personal data that is used in one of 1099 forms.

Let’s find out how often do you have to send a new W-9 PDF and what are the main reasons to do that in 2020.

How long is a W-9 good for taxation purposes?

The blank’s validity isn’t limited in time unless any crucial data changes. You’ll have to prepare a new one in such cases:

  1. Your SSN or TIN was altered.
  2. The requester asks you to file a new document to renew data.
  3. Your entity type has changed.
  4. Backup withholding status became different.
  5. Your legal name was altered.

It’ll be wise to keep W-9 on file after you’ve sent it to the requester. It’ll help you understand better what information became different. You may store it as a Word or PDF document.

What are the deadlines in the year 2020?

There are no actual deadlines for this official paper. At the same time, you have to deliver it to the requester before 1099 will be submitted by the inquirer. The deadlines for 1099 are:

  • January the 31st to the recipient;
  • February the 28th to Internal Revenue Service for paper copy;
  • March the 31st to IRS electronically.

So, you have to send the blank before the inquirer will be obliged to meet his/her deadlines.

How to fill out the form online?

On our website you can download a fillable PDF free. Moreover, you can complete the paper digitally, sign it with e-signature and send it to the requester. You’ll also get our aid on any question concerning the Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification.