How to send a W9 by email?

It is filled, first of all, by freelancers, i.e. those for whom taxes are not paid by the employer. And not only you must submit this form to the tax office. If you work under a contract with a large company or corporation without being part of the staff, be prepared that they will also request this blank from you to be sure that you pay taxes on the funds being paid to you.
How can I deliver this form?

The filling blank is easily accessible, you can fill it online on the website or download in a convenient format. After filling in correctly, you should direct it to the recipient in any convenient way:

  • regular mail or courier post office;
  • email;
  • bring it personally.

Certainly, email is the fastest way to deliver your sheet. But is it secure? Can you be sure that you confident information reach only your receiver? It depends on your mail service at first. It’s better to prefer corporate mails. they have a higher level of protection.

Secure email

Also, sending W9 over email you can use special programs using electronic signatures, with a high level of protection and the use of encoded information. Be sure to discuss the data protection format with your employer. Remember that often sending such messages using the free email service can be insecure.

By the way, before print W-9 form, be sure to transmit it to an authorized recipient. You are required to provide only if you are an independent contractor and you are solely responsible for paying taxes on the amount earned. Only in this case, the employer may ask you to fill out the papers.