How to sign W-9 online?

IRS W-9 is a standard document, which is aimed to collect personal data in order to control taxation. It’s applied to US citizens who work independently. If you’re not an employee and you provide services to companies, you’ll definitely have to deal with the document.

Your clients will send you a PDF to fill in provided they’ve payed you $600 or more during the tax year. When you receive the fillable blank online, first make sure you really have to complete it. Then fill all the data required and send it back to the requester. A number of questions may appear during the whole process. One of them is about W-9 form electronic submission. Let’s find out how to sign the document’s web version.

How to prepare the blank for signature?

There are several fields you have to fill before you’ll sign the form and send it back to the company. Here’s the data you have to enter:

  • TIN (SSN or EIN usually);
  • name and business name;
  • business type;
  • exemptions (if any);
  • your address;
  • date of blank completion.

When you’re done with it, check the info to be 100% sure everything was entered correctly. You can create a Word document with the initial data for it. Then go to the next step.

How to sign W-9?

When you use printable version, everything is easy, but what about online one? The following spreadsheet has all the essential info concerning W-9 PDF digital signature.

Steps to follow PDF reader program Special web services

  1. Open the program Log in to your account
  2. Complete the blank and click “sign” Upload a completed document
  3. Create a digital signature or upload it from the file. Place it accurately on the appropriate place. Use inbuilt tools to create digital signature and sign the blank online.
  4. Use secure email to send the form to the requester Send the blank using web service. You’ll have to enter all the email addresses required

It’s up to you which method to use. Note that web services often collect fees for membership. Though, some PDF readers are not free too.

How to deliver the document securely?

After you’re done with W-9 from online signature, you have to file it to the requester. It was partly mentioned in the previous spreadsheet, but there are some more things you have to note. If you use web services, make sure they’re trustworthy. Don’t forget that the blank contains a lot of personal data. It has to be protected from 3-rd parties’ access. The same thing is about using emails. They also have to use security tools to save your data from any leaks.

send it back to the requester
отправить его обратно к запрашивающей