How W-9 from can be posted to the employer from an employee

The form is never sent to Inland Revenue Service, so it all has to be sent directly to the employer by the employee or by a business contractor. There must be the annual earnings in excess of USD 600.00, which is a prime requirement for passing the form. Here are the rest of such requirements:

  1. The individual has to be the resident of the USA;
  2. Alternatively, has to be the citizen of the USA;
  3. A person has to be employed by a business;
  4. A contractor needs to have a valid contract, the company he works with;

Once requirements for passing the paper are met, it is time to consider how the document can be dispatched to the employer and where you can get it.

The way W-9 document reaches the employer

There are no strict rules of how the paper has to be sent. There is no specific dates or deadlines for submitting it. If the business whoa a person or a contractor works for needs verification of personal information, it shall most likely inform the individual who the matter is concerned with. Here is the process of dispatching:

  • A person has to obtain the form;
  • Then, an individual has to complete it;
  • The paper can be printed out;
  • Afterwards, it may be sent physically by mail or passed by hands;
  • Digital filled out copy could be sent via email or even via social network;

It is always better to find out in advance how the corporation a person works for prefers to receive the document.