Legal terms that oblige an individual to sign W9

Without signing the document, it will not be regarded as completed. Putting signature at the bottom of the paper is vital as it confirms that all details that are contained in the file are correct. Legal terms allow a person to submit the file by different methods:

  1. It may be sent by email;
  2. Could be passed by hands to employer’s representative;
  3. Can be posted;

If the file is send electronically, there still has to be the signature at the bottom of the page, without which the document is not going to be valid.

How to get electronic signature?

There are various W9 tax form help articles that give precise answers of how electronic autograph can be created and what it is. Your designation has to be legally blinding, so it must be clearly visible and be exactly the one that is used in your passport. Different methods can be used to get electronic designation example to the appropriate box in the paper:

  • Scan;
  • Photo;
  • Signature tools;
  • Special applications;

If purposely designed applications are used to fill out the form, then there could be a tool or a link in the tool to create your autograph and transfer it to W9 tax form fillable PDF. Alternatively, simply upload scanned or captured image from your device directly to the document by using touchscreen on your device or the mouse on the PC. If using special online tools, directions will be provided.