Questions and Answers about the W-9 form

W-9 Form is used by the IRS for revenue regulations purpose. W-9 Form is used by the IRS for revenue regulations purpose. The employers who hire independent contractors have to provide the IRS with the tax information of these contractors so that tax authorities are informed about their earnings.

Who has to fill W-9 blank?

Independent contractors and freelancers, who earn more than $600 per year and live in US have to fill W-9 form yearly. I.e. this document is designed specifically for individual contributors, who are responsible for withholding their income tax. Part-time and full-time workers do not have to fill this document, as the taxes from their income are withheld by the employer.

What is your w-9 tax return info

Tax return info includes:

  • Full name (including middle name/names);
  • Business name (if it differs from taxpayer’s full name);
  • Full address;
  • TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number) – SSN ( Social Security Number) or EIN (Employer Identification Number).

Basically, that’s all you need to fill out tax return form W-9. Make sure you entered all data correctly.

Q: I work with several different employers as an individual contributor. Do I have to fill out the tax return docs for each employer separately?
A: There is no need in filling out multiple forms, one is enough.
Q: Where do I find the W-9 form?
A: Your employer is responsible for providing the independent contractors with this blank. Also, you can download the W-9 form from the official IRS website.
Q: Can I file tax returns after a deadline?
A: Yes, you can. Make sure you fill the blank out and submit it as soon as possible. The later you send the form, the bigger the penalty you’ll get.
Q: Do I have to send the blank by post?
A: You can send it by post or via e-mail. Important: make sure that you use secure connection and trusted email provider to prevent personal data leakage.
Q: As an employer, can i charge someone for not returning a w-9 form?
A: No, all penalties and charges are issued by the IRS.?