The Ultimate Guide to Completing a W-9 Form for Individuals

At first sight, it may seem a complicated task, yet in fact, completing a the form in Colorado or any other state is a short and straightforward activity. It doesn’t require any deep tax knowledge or special skills. All that you need is caution and accuracy.
W-9 IRS documentation is built of three major parts including personal data, Tax Identification number, and certification. Let’s review them separately.

Part 0: Personal Data for Individuals


The first step of completing the paper implies stating the vendor’s name – exactly as it’s written on the tax return. The 2nd one, meanwhile, is to state the sole proprietor’s thorough name plus the abbreviation “DBA”. The latter is for the words “doing business as”. You can see from a filled sample that if the first line is completed as Emily Brown (a fictive name), the second one looks like Emily Brown DBA Red Flowers (a fictive proprietorship).

Beneath these two lines, you’ll find the box to check the Individual/Sole Proprietor. Straight after it, the freelancer is to provide his/her email address one the fifth and sixth strokes.

If you look at the right side of these boxes, you’ll find others designed to include the client’s information. However, these are not mandatory lines for completion.

  • Exemptions

The line four is dedicated to exemptions. As a rule, the vast majority of taxpayers leave it blank. The reason is that they simply can’t be exempt from backup withholding. The space is majorly filled out by corporations.

  • Account Number

The Personal Data segment of a W-9 form 2018 printable is concluded with the “accounts”. The taxpaying individual can state the accounts with the IRS that are used for paying fines here. Yet, it is not obligatory and whether to fill the line or not is optional.

Part 1: Tax Identification Number

The second section of the form is indented to detect the TIN of the freelance worker, business union or the sole proprietor. Its completion is necessary and unconditioned. After downloading the document and filling in the first part, pass on to the TIN section. If sole proprietors are given the chance to write down either their Social Security number or the Employer Identification number, individual vendors are to insert exceptionally their SSN on the right side, in the gives space. Though small, the segment is utmost essential.

Part 2: Certification Section

w-9 fill part 2

The last section of the document is to certify everything mentioned prior is true. The freelancer completing the form must leave his signature as an attestation of the authenticity of the information stated.

In the classification of IRS documents, the W9 form is critical for tax compliance. Its’ recommended to check the paper carefully before printing it. Vendors are warned that administering false data in the W-9 document is fraught with unfavorable consequences. The taxpayer is sure to be penalized.