Tips to filling W9-form

If you work as an independent contractor, you’ve definitely met this blank earlier. It’s not a complicated document. However, some freelancers might need help with certain points.

The first thing you need to do is to get W-9 fillable 2019. You can do this online. Go to IRS website and download a PDF there. Now it’s time to look through the form to understand what you should choose and what shouldn’t.

Form structure

As soon as you download the document from IRS website, you’ll see the blank with a couple of free fields and a long description below. IRS W-9 form is divided into several blocks. They’re personal and entity info, Taxpayer Identification Number, Certification and General instructions. You’d better read the last section before starting to work with all the others.

How to fill the W-9 form?

So, you’ve downloaded the file from IRS site and see current fillable W-9 form on your screen. What’s next? It’s time to start from the first line. It asks you to give your name. Note that the name has to be written exactly as in your income tax return. That’s a crucial thing to make everything right.

The next step is business name or disregarded entity name. Give it only if it’s different from the one you’ve used in the first line. The third point consists of several boxes. On of them you have to check. Find the appropriate entity type and check the box near it. If there is no your entity type, then go to field “other”.

The fourth point is exemptions. It’s aimed to find out whether you’re exempt from backup withholding. If not, a part of your income has to be withholded in order to pay federal income tax. The next info you should give is your full address ZIP code. There are also two fields that are optional. They’re list account numbers and the one to give requester’s name and address.

Filling the second section

Free fillable W-9 2019 asks for a contractor’s TIN. In most cases it is Social Security Number that you have. Sometimes Taxpayer identification Number matches EIN. It happens when you have business and Employer Identification Number.


This is the last section you should fill. Read all the info in it before any further actions. Also, check whether the data you’ve given in section 1 and section 2 are correct. All you need to do here is put your signature and current date. That’s everything you need to do to complete your W-9. If you still have some questions, you’d better look through section 4 carefully. It’ll definitely give you the answers you search for. And don’t forget to send the form using only secure channels.

It’s not a complicated thing to fill out. Still, some issues might occur and the following guide will help you solve them.