W-9 for business: when it’s required and how to fill it out?

Business entities will mostly have to fill the form in two cases: they’ve provided services to a certain client and got $600 or more, or they’ve made direct sales of $5000 or more. The document is completed by independent contractors, vendors and self-employed individuals who work on freelance basis.

How to fill W-9 for business?

Small business entities usually have to deal with the form if they meet “$600 rule” or if they’ve made direct sales of $5000 and more. Here are brief instructions how to fill W-9 for business:

Line/Part What to do/information to use?
Name Enter your legal name as it’s shown on your Income Tax Return.
Business name It’s optional, if it’s not different from the one on line 1.
Entity type Choose the type of entity according to your business model.
Exemptions In most cases leave the line blank. For detailed information see Instructions on line 4.
Address Street, number and apartment.
City, State ZIP Code Enter the city and sate where the company is registered and the appropriate ZIP code.
Part I: TIN In most cases you’ll use Employer Identification number. If you don’t have one, apply for it on IRS website and write “APPLIED” in the TIN section.
Part II: Certification Sign the document and put current date.

File the paper to the requester. Don’t file it to IRS.

How can I get the blank

You can get free W-9 PDF form on our website. We offer the users aid on filling the document together with online tools to complete it digitally. You’ll also be able to sign the blank with e-signature. You can send the paper to the requester electronically using secure email service.