W-9 Instructions 2017-2018 to Adhere To

Every US citizen, performing a certain kind of work for a business without being employed for a constant job is to fill out and submit a W-9 IRS form to his employer. The income, in this case, should be above $600 per a tax year. Completing this document is absolutely not a difficult task, yet it demands concentration and accuracy.

The business owner assigns his individual vendors to fill in this paper so that to have the necessary information to issue the 1099-MISC certification at the end of the tax year. This includes the freelance worker’s personal information, TIN, and his signature.

Specific Instructions W-9 IRS

If you have been requested to edit the document in 2018, you need to adhere to all form W-9 instructions active for the current year. Let’s check them out separately.

You, as an individual contractor, will be assigned to complete the W-9 form when performing a certain task assigned by a business worth above $600. If you have your current data changed (surname after marriage, business name, email address, physical address, or SSN), you will be obliged to update your W-9.

The regulations of filling out this form are the same for all US citizens regardless the state. Hence, whether you are in Texas, California, or any other State, demands from the Internal Revenue Service will be the same.

Providing only authentic information is crucial. If you supply your employer with false TIN or incorrect personal data (whether accidentally or on purpose), you may become a subject for withholding.