What is a W-9 form used for and how to complete it electronically?

W-9 is a standard IRS form that is completed by freelancers, independent contractors and vendors. In most cases you’ll get a request, if you were paid $600 and more during the tax year. Let’s find out what is a W-9 form used for, where to get it and how to submit.

Why do you have to complete the blank?

There are several cases when filling out the document is required:

  1. You’ve received payments of $600 and more during the tax year.
  2. You’ve inherited taxable property.
  3. Interests, royalties or other financial income were paid to you.
  4. You rent apartment/house that requires a security deposit.
  5. The company you’ve worked with asks you to complete a new paper to renew their database.
  6. You open a new account in a bank.

The paper itself doesn’t report any payments. It just collects essential personal data that is required to issue other forms like 1099-MISC or NEC. This way IRS controls how much taxes you’ve paid.

Base W-9 instructions

Follow this steps to fill the blank:

Step What to do?
1. Enter your name as it’s shown on 1040 and business (trade) name.
2. Check the box with the appropriate entity type.
3. Enter exemption and FATCA codes (see instructions).
4. Give your full address.
5. Enter your TIN. It’s whether your Social Security Number or Employer Identification Number.
6. Put current date and certify the paper with your signature.

You can complete the form digitally or print out the paper and do it by hand. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, it’ll be better to submit it online. You can use our website to get the latest 2020 fillable blank and to fill all the fields electronically. Then just certify the document with digital signature and send it to the requester via secure email.