What is in W-9 Texas and who has to fill it?

IRS Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification is an official document that asks for your TIN and other personal data. You’ll mostly get a request to complete it if you’ve provided services to individuals and companies and you were paid at least $600. Let’s find out how to get free W-9 form Texas and who should fill it.

What is blank W-9 form Texas?

IRS allows states and companies to create their own form substitutes, in case these documents meet all the bureau requirements. Blank W-9 Texas may look a bit different from standard paper developed by Internal Revenue Service, but it’ll collect the same information and have all the essential sections. The blank may also ask you to provide some additional data like phone number.

Where to download the document

If it’s a substitute, you’ll be able to get editable or printable Texas W-9 form on the website of the company that has issued the paper. If you’re a vendor, the organization will probably attach the blank to the inquiry letter. It can be in doc or PDF format. Note that you may have to notarize the paper.

Who should fill the paper?

You’ll have to complete the form if you have:

  • received payments that are equal or exceed $600 during tax year;
  • inherited property that may be taxable;
  • received income from financial institutions and mutual funds;
  • made direct sales more than $5000.

Note that you are eligible for W-9 only if you’re US citizen or US person.