What is the best way to file W-9 form?

More and more US citizens start working independently year after year. It gives them more freedom in their business, including better time management and the opportunity to do the most lucrative and interesting jobs. When you’re not employee, you don’t have to fill taxation documents for this category of workers. At the same time, you have to deal with W-9 form, which is used by IRS to control the taxation process.

There are lots of questions that may occur when you’ll first receive the blank to fill. Not everyone knows where to get W-9 latest version, how to complete it or even whether the person is obliged to fill the document. This article will clear the final stage of the whole process. Let’s find out what is the best way to file a completed blank.

How do I know everything is correct and the form is fully completed?

W-9 request is aimed to gain certain data for companies. This info will be used to fill 1099-MISC then. Follow instructions on the blank to enter everything correctly. Also, make sure you really have to complete the document. For example, if you’re non US person, you’ll have to deal with W-8 instead.

Here is the info you have to give:

  • name and business name;
  • your entity type;
  • backup withholding status;
  • full address;
  • TIN (SSN for individuals);
  • personal signature.

Just make sure you enter all the data correctly. All the info can be found in your income tax return. If you still have questions, follow the guide from the “Instructions” part.

Which way to deliver W-9 is the best?

You can use whether W-9 form printable 2019 or its web versions. There are three main ways to file the document. Each one has both pros and cons.

Delivery type Secure email Postal delivery Special web services
Advantages Fast and free Hand to hand delivery, reliable Fast and secure
Disadvantages Requires trustworthy software and electronic signature Takes some time; postal fee You pay additional fees, requires electronic signature

It’s up to you which method to use, but make sure it guarantees full data protection. If your personal info leaks, it may be than used in fraud activities.

Are there any deadlines?

There isn’t any due date being set by IRS to deliver the filled blank. At the same time, you have to do this as soon as possible after you’ve received the request. As it was mentioned earlier, companies use your data to fill 1099-MISC. If you won’t give the info before they’ll complete and file the form, you’ll meet penalties from IRS.