What is W-9 and for what

Form W-9 is not a matter of concern to you, as long as you are not a registered businessman, self-employed person, or contractor providing services to organizations. If your business consists of activities related to contracts for the provision of services to companies or legal entities, in these circumstances, you may be tempted to fill out a fillable 2019 W9 file. This information is necessary for your partner to inform the tax service of the amount of remuneration that has been transferred to you.

Form W-9 may also be completed at your request by the Bank in order to prepare the necessary types of reports when filling out documents reflecting information on earnings, income, dividends or interest you have received in the course of your activities. Of course, if you pay consultants or contractors, you will also have to fill out W9 PDF IRS. Fortunately, these filling rules are not difficult to understand.

Where can I get a W-9 form?

Typically, you fill out a form W-9 as follows: a business partner or business partner sends you a blank form with a request to fill it out. Of course, sometimes it is easier to download this form directly from the website of the tax service or other resource that has such information. Some sites offer free fillable W-9 form 2019.

The process of filling

It is not difficult to fill in electronic 2019 blank W-9 correctly on your own. First of all, you must specify your personal data, such as name and surname. Then be sure to include the identification number of the employer you work for. At the same time, when sending documents to the tax service, you must be 100% sure of the correctness of the provided identification number.

Why did my employer give me a W-9 Form to fill out instead of a W-4 Form?