When should individuals fill W9 form?

W-9 is a standardized IRS document. It’s main goal is to get your TIN and certification for future taxation purposes. But when do individuals have to fill the form. They do have to do that when they work as independent contractors. W9 form for individual is sent by companies to freelancers they work with. These companies require some personal info for 1099-MISC, which they’ll send to IRS.

Filling the blank

W9 is not a complicated document at all. How to fill out a w9 form for an individual? Just go to appropriate field and give the required data. All the info you’ll need is there. If you have detailed questions, look through the General Instructions part. It will answer all the questions you have.

As for personal data you’ll use in the form, it’s the following:

  • уour name, which is used in your income tax return;
  • business name (in case it’s different from the one mentioned above);
  • entity type (individual llc, partnership, corporation etc);
  • full address;
  • zip code;
  • taxpayer identification number (matches your SSN or EIN);
  • personal signature.

When individual’s don’t have to fill the form

When must individuals fill w9 formAs it’s prescribed by irs, business has to ask independent contractors to fill w9. So, it’s obvious that you don’t have to deal with the form in case you’re employee. If it’s so, you’ll receive w4 form. It might sometimes happen that individuals receive w9 because of other reasons. Some financial institutions may ask you to do that, including your bank. They need the info to complete various 1099 forms. At the same time, if they already have the info they inquire, it’s a reason to make a request and ask why do they want this personal data.

In case you have some tax questions, it’ll be a great idea to visit IRS website. You’ll definitely find all the answers there. As for w9, don’t forget it includes personal data, so use trusted channels to deliver it.

When do individuals have to fill w9 form and when they don’t? The following guide will help you with the issue and give some tips concerning the form.