Where to download W-9 form 2020?

W-9 is used by Internal Revenue Service to control how independent contractors, freelancers and contractors fulfill their tax obligations. The document asks you to provide your TIN, legal name, entity type and other essential data that will be used to issue an appropriate 1099. This guide will tell you about W-9 download options and explain how to get it free.

Where can I download a W-9 form?

There are 3 main ways to do that:

  • use our website;
  • find the blank in the inquiry letter attachment;
  • go to IRS official website to get PDF blank.

Note that our websites offers you not only W-9 template download, but also tools to complete the blank digitally and sign it online. You’ll also be able to deliver the paper electronically to the requester.

There is a possibility to print out the document and fill it by hand. Then you’ll have to sign the hard copy and file it via snail mail. Still, it’s not the best option now due to Coronavirus pandemic. So, you’d better use fillable blank and do everything digitally.

When do you have to fill the form

The following spreadsheet explains when to complete the paper and when not to do that.

Criterion Do I have to use W-9?
You’ve received $600 or more as a freelancer, independent contractor or vendor during the year. +
You’re full-time employee.
You’ve got direct sales of $5000 and more during the tax year. +
You were paid interest, royalties or other financial income. +
You’re not US citizen.
You open a new bank account. +

If you’re asked to provide the document and you don’t know who the requester is, ask the inquirer what is the purpose of the request.