Where to find a free printable W-9 tax form

The Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification is used to ask independent contractors and vendors provide their TIN, legal name and address. You’ll get the request if you’ve received payments of $600 and more from clients during the tax year.

How to download current W-9?

The easiest way to get the blank is to visit our website. We offer you both printable W-9 tax form and a fillable PDF. You can whether complete the document by hand or do it online. If you choose electronic submission, use our form filler tool to enter all the data digitally and sign the paper with e-signature.

After that just file the blank to the requester using email. Make sure you’re using a secure service that utilizes encryption and protects your personal information.

Who should fill a W-9?

You’ll have to furnish the document in case:

  1. You were paid 600$ and more for services by a certain clients.
  2. You’ve made direct sales of at least $5000.
  3. You’ve received interests, dividends and other financial income.
  4. You’ve inherited property that may be taxable.

Employees don’t fill W-9. They have to submit W-4 official document.