Why do you need W9 – step-by-step instruction to fill in

In what cases should an individual obtain and complete the W9 form?

  • All U.S. citizens;
  • Stay in the territory for at least 31 days;
  • Have been in the territory for at least 183 days in 3 years.

Where can I download a W9 form? – You can download the W9 form from our main page. A person will be given a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) before being granted tax resident status.

You can find the W9 form on the latest and most current here. On the site you can find fillable text with necessary comments.

How do I enter all data correctly?

The form cannot be editable, corrected or crossed out. You can fill in the text online or send it to your nearest office. It can only be filled out in English.

It is not necessary to specify all available bank accounts (see “List account number” section). Enter only the account where you conduct most of your banking transactions.

Filling in the form is free. In addition, the applicant must provide all details in person (unless specifically stated in the power of attorney).

A tax resident must provide the following information:

  • All income earned by a resident in the USA and abroad;
  • Bank transfers;
  • Real estate transactions;
  • Interest that has been paid on a loan or mortgage.

Sanctions for not completing form W9

If a resident fails to complete the form and provide all necessary data, a fine of $50 will be imposed for each case.

Can I pick up the phone and fill everything in? It is possible to do so – but you must confirm all the data with your personal presence.