Can I sign a W-9 in an electronic way?

In general, IRS is positive about electronic filing. Almost every blank considered to be valid with an electronic signature. However, it should be remembered that each form has its own requirements, so the one who requests the form should be aware of the constantly changing rules, and the applicant should be well aware of all the nuances of this form before start filling it out.

Due to IRS rules, blank W-9 fillable 2019 can be used with electronic signatures. IRS allowed people to fill it out using an electronic signature in 1998. To be valid, IRS W-9 form that was signed online must meet certain requirements.

When it is allowed to use a document with an electronic signature

Signatures of the blank using ink pen is required when the exemptions are so large that the income tax is not withheld or an individual demands exemption from income tax. Other non-IRS agencies use this form to collect personal information and allow electronic signatures, but if they are required to have a signed form in accordance with the administrative rules of IRS, it must be strictly signed by hand.

Very rarely IRS use digital signatures. Although IRS has created a unique system that allows individuals making signatures online, but it is used exceptionally by IRS. After all, it uses certain information, which should be known only to the filler and IRS service.

If the payer received the CP2100 notification from IRS, which means that the recipient’s tax ID number specified in 1099 differs from the one that is in IRS file, this means that the payer must send a B-notice to the recipient along with paper business requirement to W-9.For the first B-notice, the recipient must return W-9 paper signed with ink pen. In this case, the electronic signature cannot be used.

It is not required sending the completed form as an unsafe file via email. It is better to send it by mail, submit it in person or as a password-protected file through the electronic email.

How to sign up W-9 online

At the end of the application, an electronic signature of the filler is required, whose name and other information are indicated in the doc; it confirms the authenticity of the form. Incorrect signature under the threat of punishment for perjury, since the document must contain the signature of the person who fills it, and not someone else, thus each individual has to use a correct way to fill out W-9.

Signing online is implementing by using a touch device: a computer cursor, smartphone or tablet. It creates a signature image and has to be saved on an electronic device.

The registration service should:

  1. Ask the company that is requesting the doc to provide the email address of the person who has to complete it. Then send email with a link to fill in W-9. This email is stored in the database. The supplier’s email is “fairly specific” proof that the company knows the identity of the seller.
  2. Give the request to fill in an online form that after completion has to be stored in the database.
  3. Use the touch device with which the submitting side signs it online. A false testimony warning is included above the signature line and clearly presented to the applicant.
  4. Save the date and time of submission of the electronic form in the database.