What are the consequences of the late submission of W-9

US tax contributions are given special attention. Tax evasion is severely penalized. Therefore, upon receipt of payments in the amount of $ 600 in the territory of the country, it is necessary to complete the special form W-9 by January next year. The resident must send this form to his employer – the company, or to a private person, so that on the basis of the information provided in this list, the organization could pay taxes for its employee. The same document is filled in when renting various objects, as well as in some other financial transactions, accompanied by the payment of amounts of $ 600 or more. It must be remembered that deadline for W-9 forms ends in the November – December months of each year.

If the list is not completed on time, then the organization providing the job to the person who was supposed to fill out the form will not be able to fill out form 1099, which indicates all aspects of the company’s federal tax payments. At the same time, share services have the right to block all payments of the organization, including payments to the resident. All types of punishment that may follow in response to a delay in providing the list can be divided into the following points:

  • Freezing all financial operations of the organization for 2020;
  • Freezing payments to a resident who has not completed the blank;
  • Prohibition of work to a person who has not completed it on time in the country;
  • Criminal liability in cases of systematic violations of certification and non-payment of state fees.

It should be emphasized once again that in America they strictly treat those who do not pay share in a timely manner, therefore they should not be frivolous about tax documentation.

Who needs to fill

Individuals, whether they work in Washington or in Virginia, who need to write out this list, are presented in the table.

Persons who need Form W-9 Tax payment conditions
Standard employees Standard
Tenants Special
Standard Standard
Foreign nationals earning in the US more than $ 600 per year Standard


As can be seen it the table, when renting an object, the conditions for reimbursement can be revised and the share increased, depending on which object is being leased.


What information needs to be indicated on form W-9

True passport data, an individual tax number should be indicated, as well as in cases where there are reasons for share breaks or the abolition of tax collection by the state, you should answer the issue, indicate the code that is issued to persons with its benefits. This document may be updated, as well as information that must be indicated in it. Therefore, it is best to look for the latest IRS W-9 list on the official website of the organization.