Backup withholding W-9 tax rate

The Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification doesn’t report any payments. It only ask you to provide your TIN. If you fail to do that, you’ll be as subject to W-9 withholding tax. It means that clients will be obliged to withhold a certain sum of money from all the future payments to you as an independent contractor. Currently W-9 tax rate is 24%.

How to cancel backup withholding?

The only way to change things is to deliver a correct TIN. Just issue a new W-9 updated form and send it to the requester. It should provide your correct SSN or EIN and be certified with your signature. If you don’t have SSN or EIN, enter “APPLIED” in the appropriate field and apply for TIN. Use Instructions part for more information. As soon as IRS gets new data the payments to you won’t be a subject to withholding.

Where to find emailable blank?

If you need an editable document to fill it online, just download it on our website. We offer you the ability to complete it digitally and sign the paper with your online signature. Then you only have to file it via email. Don’t send the blank to IRS. The only recipient is the requester.